Gopro 360 Camera Rental 2D Go Pro Rig (6 Cameras)

Detailed Specs Gopro 360 camera rental 2D
6 Hero 4 Black Cameras withgopro 360 camera rental 2D Wireless Remote
Shotgun Microphone (2) and Wireless Professional Lapel Microphone Spherical Resolution

2.7K – 7940 x 3970 or 1440p – 5638 x 2819

Output Video:
Codec: H.264  Format: MP4 Bit rate: 45 Mbps / 65 Mbps (ProTune)
2.7 Wide (4:3) – 8000×48000 – 30fps
1440p Wide (4:3) – 5600,2800 – 48fps
906p Wide (4:3) – 3600×1800 – 48fps
White Balance: native or 3000k (indoor)
ISO limit: 1600 (6400 with noise)
Output after stitching: 3840 x 1920Audio:
48 kHz PCM12 x microSD cards (Capable of filming up to 3 hours of footage.Battery Life:
6 x mini-USB (for camera charging and data offload)
6 x 2 Rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, 1160 mAh, 3.8 V,
Capable of filming up to 75 x 2 minutes on one charge.

Gpro 360 camera rental 2D 6 camera rigs and crew. Stitching is included up to 5 scenes!

Rental Request

  • Additional Scene Stitching is extra.

All virtual camera rentals prices do not include travel costs. We have crews in Texas, Atlanta and Southern California. We can travel to almost anywhere in the world with enough notice. Price includes video stitching of video footage up to 2 hours of raw footage per day and there is an extra cost per hour additional footage.